I found Crizen by listening to other Yelpers and – woah! I am beyond pleased! 

Crizen is delightful and talented! She listened and gave helpful advice.  I explained what I was going for and she went with it.  She even pushed back when she disagreed with a style choice. Listen to her!  She knows what she is doing!

She arrived promptly at my home on my wedding day and easily got me and three bridesmaids ready ahead of schedule! I looked absolutely stunnning on my wedding day and I have Crizen to thank for helping to bring it out!

Chicago, IL


Crizen is amazing!  Crizen is very professional, creative, organized, reliable, friendly, and always on top of it. She’s prepared for every possible situation. I would highly recommend her to all brides who want a fabulous Hair & Makeup Stylist for their wedding!

Chicago, IL


You know that secret weapon tool that every bride should have in their back pocket?  Well her name is Crizen and she is AMAZING.  

For our 1pm deadline, 6.5 bridesmaids, 1 last minute mom, 1 helper friend’s hair (she’s 13 and they did it just to help out!) and of course me, the bride, Crizen and her two helpers (one girl curled hair and the other was the make-up artist for all the girls, Crizen did my hair and make-up) came to our hotel at 7am.  They were professional, fast and added to the excitement of the day.  I will tell you that it was hot hot hot on our wedding day.  People were melting but my make-up looks immaculate in all the photos!  I had probably drank off all my lipstick but because of the liner and the staining effect of the lipstick I still looked made up.  12 hours after our first look my hair and make-up looked great.  I could of gone out for another couple hours. 

For my trial Crizen came over and hung with my family as I got my hair and make-up done.  Though I had on more make-up than usual it still looked fresh and natural and lasted for a LONG time.  Her use of color on my eyes was perfection.  If only I could pull that off!  On a daily basis I stick to nude lip gloss but her first choice of lipstick just worked.  Didn’t look like I was trying too hard and still looked like me.  After showing her pictures of hairstyles I liked she created a style just for me.  After a little tweaking we found one that worked well with my veil.

At my trial I also questioned Crizen on the other girl’s getting their hair done.  I was fearful (I told the girls to do whatever made them feel beautiful.  I was honestly only worried about 1 or 2!)  that someone would ask for a french twist with curling tendrils. 

She reassured me that she would never let someone walk out with hair like that. I felt relieved and knew that everyone would look beautiful when she was done with them.  And they did!  Everyone’s hair was unique and intricate.  No french twists to be seen!  She even trimmed my daughter’s bangs prior to fixing her hair.  🙂

The next time I have an event that warrants  all day good looks I will drive myself to wherever Crizen is and have her make me beautiful.  5 stars+  Worth it!

Chicago, IL


My hair and make up stylist bailed on my wedding just a few months before my wedding. Panicked, I didn’t know what was going to do until my cousin recommended that I find out if Crizen was available. I was desperate and felt like I didn’t have much of a choice. But after the fact, I know that I wouldn’t have  made a different decision because I loved Crizen – she was fantastic!  During the trial, she pull together a look based on what I thought I wanted and had no problem tweaking until we got it just right.  Better yet, she let me schedule the trial right before a wedding where I was the maid-of-honor so I ready to go for my friend’s wedding. On my wedding day, Crizen was a miracle worker. She came to my house to make things easier for me even though it was not easier for her.  I had a big family gathering before the wedding ceremony there and somehow she was able to work through the chaos of 150 people walking in and out of the room. On top of that, we had to start hair and make up 1 hour late due to a car accident that shut down the roads making it impossible for everyone to get to my house. Throughout all this madness, Crizen was able to complete updo’s for 7 bridesmaids, the Godmother of the wedding and made me look incredible all while keeping a smile on her face.

Thanks to Crizen, I didn’t have to worry about my what I looked like throughout the whole day and received a million compliments.  I would recommend her to anyone!

Chicago, IL



Crizen did my hair and makeup for my wedding in Puerto Rico on a May afternoon. Her positive attitude and her flexibility made the experience wonderful. My hair looked great even in the humid and hot weather of a tropical island. I didn’t want my hair completely up but my dress was halter so I didn’t want it to be on my shoulders either. She tried a few styles until we found the perfect one for me. It met all of my requirements and it was comfortable. The makeup was beautiful. It was both natural and elegant. I didn’t even have to retouch it all night. Crizen is both professional and friendly. I highly recommend her!! If I lived in Chicago I would only go to her. She is awesome!

Puerto Rico



Crizen did my hair and make-up for my wedding. She rocks! She somehow managed to give me a gorgeous up-do for my wedding even though my hair was quite short at the time.

She totally listened to me at our trial to create a style and look that was funky and unique. I’m not one to wear earth tones, despite the fact that everyone says you should stick to neutrals for your wedding day. The make-up stayed perfectly all day despite the warm August weather.

She was very accommodating and also did the hair for one of my bridesmaids. I appreciate the fact that she was willing to work with me even though she could have booked another wedding that had a larger bridal party (and would = more money for her).

I would absolutely use Crizen again (except that I only intend to get married once). I guess I’ll just have to find a fancy party for an up-do!

Chicago, IL



Crizen did an exceptional job for hair and makeup on my wedding day and rehearsal dinner. She listen toexactly what I wanted but also gave me some ideas. I didn’t want too much makeup for my wedding day but she had said putting little bit more would come out nice on photo and she was absolutely right. My makeup looked so naturally in person but came through so beautifully on the photos. For my hair I brought pictures in but with her creative style, she put a spin on it and made me look elegant. She would do things that wasn’t required for her job. She touched up on my aunt’s hair and makeup, who fly in that morning.

I would definitely recommend Crizen for hair and makeup! I was very ecstatic with my look on my wedding day and rehearsal.

Chicago, IL



Crizen did hair and makeup for my wedding and she was simply incredible!! Not only did she listen andgive me exactly what I wanted, she also did a lot of unexpected things for me. For example, she suggested that we schedule my trial right before my wedding shower so that I would be all done up for my shower. And even though I had an up-do, she took it down and gave me a beautiful down do for the shower. She’s also incredibly efficient – she had to get 5 bridesmaids hair and make-up, plus my mother AND my grandmother done by 10 am on my wedding. She came to my home on my wedding day which was so great. Not only did she finish everyone’s hair and make up on time, but it was seriously the most pleasant experience. None of us felt rushed, and she even helped calm my nerve with her great sense of humor and fun. I really loved everything Crizen did for me and I feel like I looked naturally beautiful on my wedding day because of her.

I recommended her to my cousin who also hired her for her wedding. I even go to Crizen to get my hair cut and I get compliments about my style all the time. I highly recommend her for ethnic brides (I’m Asian), anyone with a large wedding party and people who are serious about getting quality service. You will be so happy with the end result – I know I was!

Chicago, IL



Crizen is awesome ! I was the godmother for a friend’s wedding, and was going to just do my own hairand makeup because I usually don’t wear much makeup and had decided on a simple updo with the dress I selected. However, I spoke with a friend who used Crizen for her wedding, and she said that Crizen was great at catering to your style, and that she’d have me looking natural, but more polished, which would be important for photos.

I called to schedule an appointment with Crizen just a few days before the event, and she worked her schedule around to fit me in, and it was a completely perfect appointment time for me. In just over an hour, she had my hair and makeup looking flawless. Family and friends at the wedding couldn’t compliment my hair and makeup enough ! They said it looked like I belonged on the red carpet, and thanks to Crizen – I felt like a Hollywood star all day 🙂

Chicago, IL